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Lisa Marie Scott’s ass is japanese juicy

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010


Oozing with an aura of intense oriental sex appeal, 2005 Playboy model Lisa Marie Scott is actually of a mixed descend, her father being American and her mother Japanese.  Luckily, she got the asian genes more and with that, we got ourselves another insanely hot asian sex kitten to jack off to. Who doesn’t like a sensual-looking asian chick with a body made for hardcore fucking?


Seen here is Lisa Marie Scott’s ass in a convenient angle while she bends over giving us a come hither look that spells, I WANT COCK. And you know she wants it in her juicy tight pussy hard. It’s just not enough to just imagine rimming Lisa Marie Scott’s ass to the brim. This oriental sex feline is dripping with hotness it would only be wrong not to rub one out for her.


Natassia Malthe naked half-Filipino hottie

Monday, July 26th, 2010


I can never get enough of these asian chicks. They’re mostly stunning and have soft but limber bodies perfect for doing the kama sutra and they have tight as hell pussies that can still take a big hard cock. Another reason? Natassia Malthe naked.


Seeing this asian sex goddess in with no clothes on reminds me of why I’m so fuckin’ into asians more than any other race. The black hair, insanely sexy oriental eyes, the golden brown complexion and the ridiculously hot sex appeal. And that’s just part of the package. You know what they say about asian chicks, they fuck like exotic animals in the sack and judging by how Natassia Malthe moves her body in these pics, you know it’s not just a myth.


Jennifer Tilly’s tits are milf-massive

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010


Who would’ve thought this hot American milf with one of the juiciest rack in Hollywood is the daughter of a Chinese used car salesman and an American schoolteacher? I guess I haven’t been looking at her face pretty closely ‘coz I have to admit Jennifer Tilly’s tits distracts me all the time.

Could you blame me? I have wished nothing except for Jennifer Tilly’s rack to grow legs and hop in the next plane to my house to get tittyfucked by my dick every time I look at those massive jugs and tiny waist that were perfectly made for easy grabbing when fucking her doggiestyle. Here’s a few shots of this voluptuous sex icon with her titillating puppies almost popping out of her dress. Your welcome.


Julia Ling’s sexy chinese cleavage is hot

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010


Now here’s another asian hottie to add to your asian spank bank. There’s too many sexy asian chicks and sometimes it’s kinda hard to tell them apart because they almost look the same but I guess wgar makes this oriental goddess stand out from most is her ravishing sex appeal. She can portray an innocent school girl in distress, get sweet and playful as Santa’s little helper and be as seductive as a slutty Scorpion Queen.


She can pull any role just as long as Julia Ling’s sexy hot body is onscreen because she makes it up by being bold in her body movements. I’m crossing my fingers to see Julia Ling naked body in the future. With a luscious body like hers, it would be a shame not to see it without the clothes on.