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Gabrielle Union’s sexy strip tease

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

If it’s all about teasing for you, look no further. Gabrielle Union is in the mood being a bit of a cocktease today, in the way of this little lingeried lap dance she provides for us. I’ve always loved seeing Gabrielle Union exploit her body like this, especially when she decks it out in red raunchy lingerie you’d just want to tear apart with your teeth while your hands work their way from her tits down to her crotch and into her fine, ebony vagina .

But I need me some pre-action action going, so I’ll just let Gabrielle Union grind her way to the peen in my pants. Watch Gabrielle Union perform a little lap dance in her lingerie before you dive into all the business of sticking your dick in her willing cunt. And when you finally savor that moment she gyrates on top of you while you massage her yummy little tits, look back at all the teasing she’s done for you for that added sense of accomplishment.

We all want chicks as wild as Gabrielle Union screaming profanities with our dick s spurting cum inside their vaginas, so head on over to this wild strip video of Gabrielle Union to feed your fantasies some more.