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Nicole Scherzinger greets X-Factor fans in sexy dress

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Nicole Scherzinger nice ass

Nicole Scherzinger looks great with her nice legs and tight butt as she greets her X-Factor fans in England. This sexy babe looks great in this dress and her titties are perfect too. Her butt is looking sooo tight in it.

Nicole Scherzinger in sexy dress

Nicole Scherzinger’s charm always has an unexplainable seduction which drives alot of men really wild. And with a wink like that above is probably enough to launch a thousand dicks shooting jizz in the air.

Nicole Scherzinger sexy doll

Nicole Scherzinger is really hot beautiful sexy smocking alluring sizzling beauty(whew!) with gorgeous raven hair and utmost killer looks of her sexy eyes. Hot tanned babe with absolutely terrific forms, Nicole Scherzinger is fully represented over here. God, I would give my soul just to spend a night fucking Nicole Scherzinger.

Lucy Liu looking good at LAX

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

lucy liu cleavage

Lucy Liu is not the typical action-packed actress. She was the ultimate sultry seductress, baring her sweet smile out in the open and giving that just-fucked facial expression in all the right places. Oh yes, I’ll be fucking your mind off, you sexy Asian babe. Who wouldn’t want to slide a penis in between those legs and have you squirt such creamy semen.

lucy liu in skinny jeans

I always have a thing for oriental looking hotties stripping naked with a sweet smile flowing along their soft delicious lips. I never give up on dreaming that someday we can get a hold of some Lucy Liu sextape.

lucy liu looking good in tight jeans

And don’t forget my hard-on. It’s been budging ever so hard from seeing raunchy naked pictures of you the other day. Don’t fret my dear Lucy, you wouldn’t need to take a breather from that tight denim jeans while I let you scream in pleasure.

Jamie Chung in yellow bikini

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

jamie chung yellow bikini

These aren’t the hottest bikini pictures I’ve ever seen, but Jamie Chung is a hot little minx and I’ll take whatever she gives us. And don’t let me get started talking about how she looks in a bikini. Man, she’s hot. Jamie Chung’s nice tits just seem to have their own life, that they are popping out of her bikini top. And her butt. Man, imagining that I’m pounding her doggystyle makes me jerk off without touching my penis. That’s how hot she is

jamie chung camel toe

She seldom bares her flesh and is always a teaser, but people don’t seem to mind not seeing Jamie Chung naked because she is hot even when fully-clothed. I know her tits are okay, but, they’re good enough so what the hell. With those nice boobs and Asian cunt, who wouldn’t hit that? Well, I sure would still fuck her anytime. I don’t want any words, just moans.

jamie chung in hot yellow bikini

Judging from Jamie Chung’s titties, it would be pretty disappointing if she didn’t do hardcore stuff. But it’s okay I guess, because seeing her boobies alone makes me want to jerk off already. Those tits are perfect for some titty fuck and I just hope she’s good at that.

Maggie Q almost reveal her titties

Friday, June 8th, 2012

maggie q almost revealing her titties

I’ve first spotted this oriental vixen in the movie Mission Impossible 3 and since then, she has become my dick’s favorite inspiration. Maggie Q has always been involved with roles that requires alot of action and martial arts. How hot can that be,she can use my hard cock as her sword and hump her into pieces for all I care. Pictured above is Maggie Q revealing almost her nipples….mmmm more please!

maggie q not wearing any undies

My breath has been taken away upon seeing Maggie Q dressed up in a thin-layered dress because you could clearly see Maggie Q is not wearing any underwear at all. Take a look at Maggie Q’s breasts… they may be barely exposed technically but hey it’s as close to nudity (like her sex scenes in Manhattan Midnight and Naked Weapon). Now excuse me Miss Maggie but could you raise your skirt a bit so I can see your vagina?

maggie q perky nipples

Here, she probably is thinking about how she could be more of a tease with some sort of a slogan like Maggie Q perky nipples. Pretty catchy eh? Don’t worry Miss Maggie (as if I’m really talking to her eh? Right,dream on) I’ll slowly take your clothes off, take pictures of you and flash them online as Maggie Q naked pictures..then put my cock inside of you and fuck you continuously until I cum inside of you.