Sexy UK X Factor Host Nicole Scherzinger Raising Her Skirt Way High While In London

Nicole Scherzinger hot legs show in London

So here’s our favorite celebrity with Asian ancestry, Nicole Scherzinger as she was caught raising her skirt while at the Mayfair district in London. The paparazzi had a field day when the former Pussy Cat Dolls lead vocals suddenly raised her skirt and looked as if she was going to scatch her pussy. Take a look for youself, these photos of Nicole Scherzinger really made the pop star look like she’s itching down there.

Nicole Scherzinger caught scratching her crotch in public

Scratching her crotch is so not Nicole Scherzinger. We are used on seeing her whore out those yummy perky boobs in various sexy outfits and tiny bikinis, but seeing her raise her skirt to go nudge her fingers on her crotch area is bit weird for my taste. Well, at least the photos of Nicole Scherzinger gives us prime views of those gorgeous legs.

Nicole Scherzinger whores out her sultry legs

I wonder if she’s really itching down there. Nicole Scherzinger having crabs isn’t really surprising, the question is if it’s true, who gave it to her? Well, crabs and Nicole Scherzinger’s name shouldn’t be used in one sentence. Hopefully the singer and now reality TV show host will have sexier candid photos in the next couple of days. For more of Nicole Scherzinger and other hot celebrities with Asian ancestry, visit Oriental Celebs today!

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