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Chrissy Teigen looks gorgeous in her simple black dress

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Chrissy Teigen looks gorgeous in her simple black dress

Feast your eyes on the enviable bone structure of Chrissy Teigen for this week’s episode of Oriental Celebs. If you are wondering what’s with the weird opening, these sexy and classy photos of Chrissy Teigen were taken at the launch of the Macallan Masters of Photography’s the beauty of bone structure project. I don’t know what that is but if the means seeing the classy celeb Chrissy Teigen flaunting her perfect body, then sign me up!

Chrissy Teigen showing off her enviable bone structure

The sexy celeb with Asian blood came to the even wearing a very chic, sassy and simple black dress with matching black patent leather platform pumps that gave her a certain aura of dominance. I don’t mind being dominated by this Asian celebrity hottie, heck I’m volunteering to be her personal boy toy is she wants. Nothing beats catering to the every whim of one hot and sexy babe the likes of Chrissy Teigen.

Chrissy Teigen wears a sweet smile while posing for cameras

I just wish that we see more of her in the limelight. The beauty and sheer seductive allure of Chrissy Teigen on these sexy photos is just what we need to calm and relax us each week. You can see other photos of this Asian celeb and many other Asian stars inside Oriental Celebs, visit today to get your hands on the lates celebrity content!

Oriental Celeb Kim Lee Don A Randy Lingerie Outfit While On A Night Stroll

Monday, August 13th, 2012

kim lee wearing lingerie while out on the streets

Oriental Celebs brings us hot photographs of Asian celeb Kim Lee as she whores out on the streets of Hollywood a couple of nights ago. If you guys haven’t heard of this sensuous Asian, Kim Lee is the half French half Vietnamese harpy in the movie Hangover II. If you haven’t watched the film or have watched it but don’t remember this Asian chick, just feast your eyes on Kim Lee’s skanky pictures and her name will definitely stick to your brain cells.

slutty kim lee wearing a whores outfit in public

The naughty snapshots of Kim Lee shows this Asian slut as she takes a night stroll while wearing a truly sexy get-up. I don’t know where she’s going or where she came from, but seeing her tight Asian body in a tight corset with matching see through pantyhose while out at night in the middle of Hollywood awe inspiring! It is an event that should have landed on the daily news. I mean what are the odds of a stunning public figure surviving a night on the sidewalks of Hollywood while in her knickers?

kim lee boobs and pantyhose public flashing spree

The 23 year old Asian nymphet provided a handful of paparazzi idling by the sidewalks several good looks of her smoking hot boobs and wonderful ass! Some say that Kim Lee’s booty is not proportional to the rest of her body. Well, check out this Asian celeb’s underwear images and see for yourself if her giant ass doesn’t fit her hot set of large boobs and shapely Asian figure. Actually, just enjoy Kim Lee’s lecherous candid pictures, who cares if she has a big butt? You can see more of her and other burning hot Asian celebs inside Oriental Celebs!

Maggie Q almost reveal her titties

Friday, June 8th, 2012

maggie q almost revealing her titties

I’ve first spotted this oriental vixen in the movie Mission Impossible 3 and since then, she has become my dick’s favorite inspiration. Maggie Q has always been involved with roles that requires alot of action and martial arts. How hot can that be,she can use my hard cock as her sword and hump her into pieces for all I care. Pictured above is Maggie Q revealing almost her nipples….mmmm more please!

maggie q not wearing any undies

My breath has been taken away upon seeing Maggie Q dressed up in a thin-layered dress because you could clearly see Maggie Q is not wearing any underwear at all. Take a look at Maggie Q’s breasts… they may be barely exposed technically but hey it’s as close to nudity (like her sex scenes in Manhattan Midnight and Naked Weapon). Now excuse me Miss Maggie but could you raise your skirt a bit so I can see your vagina?

maggie q perky nipples

Here, she probably is thinking about how she could be more of a tease with some sort of a slogan like Maggie Q perky nipples. Pretty catchy eh? Don’t worry Miss Maggie (as if I’m really talking to her eh? Right,dream on) I’ll slowly take your clothes off, take pictures of you and flash them online as Maggie Q naked pictures..then put my cock inside of you and fuck you continuously until I cum inside of you.

Trang Nhung nip slip pics

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Trang Nhung nip slip

Nip slips aren’t just limited to Hollywood celebrities. Though they aren’t as publicized as Hollywood paparazzi moments, nip slips also happen to oriental celebrities. Unluckily for Vietnamese celeb Trang Nhung, her left tit complete with nipple suddenly became exposed in one of her modeling gigs. Luckily for us, we now have awesome nip slip pics of this hottie.

Trang Nhung nip slip

The Vietnamese model experienced a wardrobe malfunction, when the left strap of her gown snapped, exposing her full left tit. The photoshoot is for a wedding dress brand, and was done in a public park. The photo of the nip slip immediately filled online forums and such, causing quite a stir locally and internationally.

Trang Nhung nip slip

Get the uncensored version of Trang Nhung nip slip right here.

Tila Tequila naked shower pics

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Tila Tequila nudes

I have a thing for Asian women. I love them, their chinky eyes and slender hot bods, those definitely are a turn on to me. But, there’s this particular oriental celeb that I am irritated with. Well, of course, if you’re not dumb, you might have figured out who it is. Yeah, it’s Tila Tequila.

Tila Tequila nudes

Tila Nguyen, or Tila Tequila, as what she prefers to be called in Hollywood is the most annoying famewhore alive in tinseltown. Come on, out of all the publicity stunts she has done, including a fake pregnancy, and eventually a fake miscarriage, not to mention a fake lesbian engagement, she has definitely went psycho. But sure, she’s getting attention and all that, but, whatever, she’s a total nuts.

Tila Tequila nudes

Well, it’s a good thing that even if she’s crazy, she has one hell of a hot body. I know her tits are fake, but, they’re big enough so what the hell. With those big, fake tits and Asian pussy, who wouldn’t hit that? Well, I sure would still fuck her anytime, given that she shut her mouth up. I don’t want any words, just moans.

Anyway, check out more Tila Tequila nudes here.