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Sexy Vanessa Hudgens in her white bikini

Friday, August 7th, 2015

One of the favorite pastimes of these sexy celebrities is to expose their sexy bodies. And one sure way to gain popularity is to workout rough to achieve that perfectly toned physique so they can wander the shores in their sexiest bikini and hopefully get their pictures taken by the paparazzi, which almost always happen. Well, maybe not the sexiest swimsuit, but at least their preference if it looks good and comfy on their bodies.

Just like the rest of the sizzling Oriental Celebs, Vanessa Hudgens likes to get her tight bum kissed by the sun while wearing her white bikini. She may not have the biggest of tits on her but she’s totally stunning with that visibly toned abs and firm thighs. Not only does she love basking in the sun and posing sexy for these ‘stolen shot’ photos, she’s also into a bit of water sports to probably keep her more fit after downing glasses of ice-cold four seasons juice during her time outdoors. And while she may appear to be busy doing her thing on the sand, enjoying the outdoors, and of course the attention these photogs are giving her, she makes sure to give them nice angles of her because she’s sure to see these pictures on the web the moment she gets home.

And then here we are in feasting on her sexy bikini body, hoping to see more of what’s underneath that suit the moment she gets wet in the ocean. Pretty sure most of you have seen naughty leaked snaps of Vanessa Hudgens where she showed more. You might just catch those kinds of pics here but be sure to enjoy her full gallery here and watch out for more soon.

Pop Celeb Nicole Scherzinger’s Beautiful Bikini Candids In Italy

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Nicole Scherzinger stripping off her clothes at the beach

Last month Oriental Celebs featured pop singing sensation Nicole Scherzinger and her hot cleavage photos while she arrives at London. It seems that this former Pussycat Dolls lead is getting skankier by the month and this photo set update for this week will prove just that! Check out Nicole Scherzinger tiny bikini photos while she’s vacationing in Italy with her boyfriend Lewis Hamilton!

Nicole Scherzinger tanning in a tiny little bikini

This singing celeb is just looking hot in these candid stills. There is a hot view of Nicole Scherzinger while she’s taking off her clothes, revealing her smooth tanned body in that super tiny black bikini. This celeb’s golden bronze skin is just perfection and its her Asian blood mixed with some Euro genes that we should all be thankful of. Just look at one of Nicole Scherzinger’s bikini candids on this set, even her armpits are delectable!

Nicole Scherzinger ready for doggie style sex

The new UK X-Factor hosts was with her current beau and F1’s hottest and top driver Lewis Hamilton, a billionaire who earned the right to have Nicole Scherzinger as a sex partner. The lucky SOB! I bet if all guys are all billionaires and race car drivers like him then we’d all have girlfriends and sex slaves as hot as Nicole Scherzinger… or not. We can only enjoy these hot bikini candids of Nicole Scherzinger. Sucks. There are a lot more of her sexy and raunchy photos and videos to enjoy inside Oriental Celebs!

Nicole Scherzinger Gives London A Peak Of Her Hot Cleavy

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Nicole Scherzinger boobs in public

A babe deserves to be called one hot and classy star if she can look fresh and absolutely stunning even after a pretty long Trans Atlantic flight. Which is what the lovely pop star Nicole Scherzinger did the other day! Just check out this sweet piece of ass on this paparazzi candids! The sexy pictures of Nicole Scherzinger arriving at Heathrow International will make you got nuts. This international celeb made that long flight look like a trip to the local salon because she looks absolutely classy! Her low cut tan top exposed that tight body and her cleavage is just magnetic!

Nicole Scherzinger  happy to flash her tits

You can see Nicole Scherzinger’s pink bra peeking out, if this celebrity noticed it, she looked like she didn’t care. Her grin even suggests she loves the attention. It is also worthy to mention that Nicole Scherzinger’s cleavage looks a bit more delicious than it normally is. I don’t know why, there’s something different on this celeb’s jugs.

Nicole Scherzinger boobs and camel toe pics

Well whatever it is, Nicole Scherzinger’s attention grabbing cleavage completes the spicy allure of her outfit! Her skinny denim jeans, trademark aviators and that shiny booby crack is enough to give us inspiration to go make a mess under our shorts. She’s in London to work, this songstress will be a regular on Britain’s X Factor reality game show. So that’s good news for you blokes in the UK, there’s more chance of seeing Nicole Scherzinger’s sexiness! For beautiful celebrity babes with oriental blood, head over to Oriental Celebs and see how raunchy Asian celebs can get!

Cica Zhou Proud To Flaunt Her Asian Big Boobs

Monday, August 20th, 2012

cica zhou and her big side boobs

Here’s your weekly dose of Asian celebrity sexiness from Oriental Celebs! Go gaga on Chinese celeb Cica Zhou and her sensual bikini and topless pictures! Among the many lean and tiny titted Chinese models and celebs out there, Cica Zhou is pretty special. Her knockers are big and juicy and that is rare for a model from mainland China.

cica zhou topless and wearing pantyhose

If you haven’t heard of her, Cica Zhou is presently one of the hottest stars in China today and she successfully crossed over from being a sports athlete to being one of Asia’s top female pop idols that guys jerk off to. Who can resist those monster titties, long sexy legs and her sultry Asian face that looks eager and inviting! Just looking at the side boobs and bare-breasted photos of Cica Zhou is enough to make you cream your pants!

cica zhou showing off her ass

Apparently, this Asian beauty is always seen donning naughty bikinis or super skimpy clothes. Just search her name on the Internet and you’ll be treated to a lot of juicy photos of Cica Zhou and her delectable boobs. China should focus on producing more babes like Cica Zhou and stop the one child policy act. Just imagine if this Asian chick had sisters as burning hot as her! The world would truly be a better place! You can check out more of Cica Zhou and other hot Asian celebrities getting sexy and lewd inside Oriental Celebs!

Jamie Chung in yellow bikini

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

jamie chung yellow bikini

These aren’t the hottest bikini pictures I’ve ever seen, but Jamie Chung is a hot little minx and I’ll take whatever she gives us. And don’t let me get started talking about how she looks in a bikini. Man, she’s hot. Jamie Chung’s nice tits just seem to have their own life, that they are popping out of her bikini top. And her butt. Man, imagining that I’m pounding her doggystyle makes me jerk off without touching my penis. That’s how hot she is

jamie chung camel toe

She seldom bares her flesh and is always a teaser, but people don’t seem to mind not seeing Jamie Chung naked because she is hot even when fully-clothed. I know her tits are okay, but, they’re good enough so what the hell. With those nice boobs and Asian cunt, who wouldn’t hit that? Well, I sure would still fuck her anytime. I don’t want any words, just moans.

jamie chung in hot yellow bikini

Judging from Jamie Chung’s titties, it would be pretty disappointing if she didn’t do hardcore stuff. But it’s okay I guess, because seeing her boobies alone makes me want to jerk off already. Those tits are perfect for some titty fuck and I just hope she’s good at that.

Maureen Chen’s titties out for a shoot

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Maureen Chen

For all you auto fanatics out there, I’m pretty sure you’ve long since raved on this Asian beauty grazing the covers of Hot Import Night, Import Tuner, DSport and Super Street, to name a few. This Chinese model, born and raised in Taiwan, has the most bountiful pair of bazongas I have ever seen. I mean, just look at those titties peering out of her tightfit lace bra.

Maureen Chen

And if that image isn’t enough to make you swoon, here’s another one, where she embraces those twins even tighter, making for an achingly good cleavage you’d just want to slide your big dicks into. Oh, how I would like to get a piece of those yummy chesticles. No wonder she’s transferred to L.A., she’d rather fuck the Americans and their aching dicks than those she’ve already moaned and sidled into in her hometown – need proof? Just look at these pictures of her writhing in pleasure.

Maureen Chen

Now definitely this busty Asian model has had some experience with them Caucasian pervs. And well if not, don’t worry Maureen, there are a billion more vying to get a fuck out of you. Count me in, too, just let me get done whacking off on these boob-grabbing bikini-clad pictures of you.

Venus Raj is a major, major hottie

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Venus Raj

I completely agree with Venus Raj saying she didn’t have any major, major problems to deal with all her life, because how can somebody this flipping hot have anything bad trailing behind her ass? She might not have won the Miss Universe crown, but her sultry Filipina looks alone win her first place for being the most exotic, and I mean that in a kinky way.

Venus Raj

Maybe Venus Raj should turn away from becoming a role model and just go all the way using her tasty Oriental appeal and publish some naked pictures. Everybody is doing a career in porn, and since some of these so-called beauty queens already have a track record in sellling their pussies, like Hiroko Mima, Venus Raj should hop on the bandwagon and please us guys waiting to lube up to the next hot item to step naked in front of us.

Venus Raj

After all, it’s these Asian chicks who have more hardcore tastes when it comes to fucking. I have a feeling Venus Raj is still a virgin to the cock, so it’s the perfect time for her to pop the cherry and bring on the hot and scandalous photos.

Vanessa Minnillo sexy bikini pics

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Vanessa Minnillo bikini pics

I totally understand why Nick Lachey keeps coming back to this half-American, half-Filipino hottie, Vanessa Minnillo. Why, who wouldn’t get hooked with all the hotness exuding from this Hollywood celebrity? Not only does she has a sexy, natural tan all over her hot bod. She also has–wait for it–fucking big tits that Nick sure loves to bury his head in!

Vanessa Minnillo bikini pics

And don’t let me get started talking about how she looks in a bikini. Man, she’s hot. Those big tits just seem to have their own life, that they are popping out of her bikini top. And her ass. Man, imagining that I’m pounding her doggiestyle makes me jerk off without touching my cock. That’s how hot she is.

Vanessa Minnillo bikini pics

There are tons of other Vanessa Minnillo’s hot pics here, so go ahead and dig in!