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Hot Cleavage Picture Compilation Of Pop Celeb Nicole Scherzinger In Sexy Gowns

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Diffent candid shots of Nicole Scheringer and her cleavage

It’s not too unusual to see racy photos of Oriental Celebs‘s favorite international celeb Nicole Scherzinger showing off her big and tasty cleavage! After leaving The Pussycat Dolls, she seems to get skankier by the day, proudly flaunting her boobs and cleavage any change she gets! So by popular demand, enjoy these sexy cleavage photos of Nicole Scherzinger in different gowns and at different events where the camera caught this Asian blooded pop celebrity cam whoring her sweet boobs!

Various candid shots of Nicole Scheringer and her cleavy

Now don’t get me wrong, Nicole Scherzinger is the type of celeb that has perfected the art of looking hot in a bikini. But seeing her cleavage in those tight and sexy but still classy outfits and cocktail dress gives off a different level of celebrity sexiness. Plainly because you know for a fact that however sassy and classy Nicole Scherzinger looks on those dresses, this celebrity slut is a perfect fuck machine and a celebrity who can get down, dirty and just damn filthy when it comes to sex! Imagine banging this former Pussycat Dolls fronter and now all around celebrity cam whore! The all cleavage photo set Nicole Scherzinger will help make it easier! Enjoy!

Different shots of Nicole cleavage

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Pop Celeb Nicole Scherzinger’s Beautiful Bikini Candids In Italy

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Nicole Scherzinger stripping off her clothes at the beach

Last month Oriental Celebs featured pop singing sensation Nicole Scherzinger and her hot cleavage photos while she arrives at London. It seems that this former Pussycat Dolls lead is getting skankier by the month and this photo set update for this week will prove just that! Check out Nicole Scherzinger tiny bikini photos while she’s vacationing in Italy with her boyfriend Lewis Hamilton!

Nicole Scherzinger tanning in a tiny little bikini

This singing celeb is just looking hot in these candid stills. There is a hot view of Nicole Scherzinger while she’s taking off her clothes, revealing her smooth tanned body in that super tiny black bikini. This celeb’s golden bronze skin is just perfection and its her Asian blood mixed with some Euro genes that we should all be thankful of. Just look at one of Nicole Scherzinger’s bikini candids on this set, even her armpits are delectable!

Nicole Scherzinger ready for doggie style sex

The new UK X-Factor hosts was with her current beau and F1’s hottest and top driver Lewis Hamilton, a billionaire who earned the right to have Nicole Scherzinger as a sex partner. The lucky SOB! I bet if all guys are all billionaires and race car drivers like him then we’d all have girlfriends and sex slaves as hot as Nicole Scherzinger… or not. We can only enjoy these hot bikini candids of Nicole Scherzinger. Sucks. There are a lot more of her sexy and raunchy photos and videos to enjoy inside Oriental Celebs!

Nicole Scherzinger Gives London A Peak Of Her Hot Cleavy

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Nicole Scherzinger boobs in public

A babe deserves to be called one hot and classy star if she can look fresh and absolutely stunning even after a pretty long Trans Atlantic flight. Which is what the lovely pop star Nicole Scherzinger did the other day! Just check out this sweet piece of ass on this paparazzi candids! The sexy pictures of Nicole Scherzinger arriving at Heathrow International will make you got nuts. This international celeb made that long flight look like a trip to the local salon because she looks absolutely classy! Her low cut tan top exposed that tight body and her cleavage is just magnetic!

Nicole Scherzinger  happy to flash her tits

You can see Nicole Scherzinger’s pink bra peeking out, if this celebrity noticed it, she looked like she didn’t care. Her grin even suggests she loves the attention. It is also worthy to mention that Nicole Scherzinger’s cleavage looks a bit more delicious than it normally is. I don’t know why, there’s something different on this celeb’s jugs.

Nicole Scherzinger boobs and camel toe pics

Well whatever it is, Nicole Scherzinger’s attention grabbing cleavage completes the spicy allure of her outfit! Her skinny denim jeans, trademark aviators and that shiny booby crack is enough to give us inspiration to go make a mess under our shorts. She’s in London to work, this songstress will be a regular on Britain’s X Factor reality game show. So that’s good news for you blokes in the UK, there’s more chance of seeing Nicole Scherzinger’s sexiness! For beautiful celebrity babes with oriental blood, head over to Oriental Celebs and see how raunchy Asian celebs can get!

Marian Rivera is a busty Filipina slut

Monday, January 10th, 2011

marian rivera cleavage

I’d totally wreck this hot mamacita Marian Rivera’s ass if I was given one shot to spend the night with her. I mean let’s be real here, this exotic stunner is an extremely beautiful woman who can literally launch a thousand rocketships, if by rocketships we mean cum. Judging by her sexy exotic features, you would think she looks like someone who was born in Latin America or Spain but you’d be surprised to learn that she was born and raised in Manila, Philippines.

marian rivera hottie

Just check out her mouth-watering cleavage! Marian Rivera’s shapely body has graced a lot of men’s magazines and I’m still waiting for her to join the porn industry. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see Marian Rivera sucking a big fat schlong or her little tight pussy getting gang fucked? I bet she’s hairy down there and I wouldn’t mind to munch on her carpet because she’s just so smoking hot!

marian rivera sexy babe

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Mary Alejo’s naked body is smoking hot

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Mary Alejo

Like what I have always said, these Filipinas are one day gonna dominate the world of pornography. Again and again, these vivacious dark skinned beauties have proved that their bodies are just as much, if not more than, ripe for the picking for a high class sextape. Just look at these nude photos of Mary Alejo.

Mary Alejo

This smoking sexy model was born and raised in the Philippines but have resided in Florida for the last three years. And aside from posing teasingly and very naked in different men’s magazines, she is also a make-up artist and a fitness trainer. Well, I wouldn’t mind getting trained by this hot chick. Just as long as she keeps coming to the gym donning nothing but those scanty stretchy shorts and sports bras, I’m all good.

Mary Alejo

However when I look at her, I wonder if they have sports bras in her size. I mean, those big honkers of hers might just pop out after one exercise. And it’s all for the better of course, just look at these racy pictures of her big tits and shaved pussy and you’ll know what I mean when I say I’m cumming to the gym.

Mercedes Cabral’s Filipina tits got everyone’s votes

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Mercedes Cabral

You don’t usually see Filipina beauties so ready to expose their bodies for some mean hardcore sex scene on the huge screen. Well, who are we kidding, a lot of them third-world sluts are more than willing to flaunt their naked cunts for the world to see in exchange for a fat paycheck. Thankfully, too, since we get to see more of these hot yummy exotic ladies to jack off to, like Mercedes Cabral.

Mercedes Cabral

This part-time model and fine arts student was voted by the paparazzi as the Most Beautiful Actress to walk on the Red Carpet in the 61st Cannes Film Festival. She beat big names like Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett, Penelope Cruz. And it got me thinking whether these paps voted her because of her face or because she has got the best set of tits onscreen? And don’t get me going on her moans. Oh wow her moans make me feel like I’m giving her the best goddamn fuck of her life. She had acted so much a horny ho it’s hard to keep the image of your head.

Mercedes Cabral

Maybe that’s why her movie didn’t gain that much popularity in her conservative country. Well, with these onscreen fuck pictures of Mercedes Cabral, you’d wish they’d grow more liberal and let us all foreign sleazebags feast on their lovely yummy chicks. That country’s where all the horny sex expert bitches are at, so it seems.

Get your sex tips from Asia Agcaoili

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Asia Agcaoili

Well color me fucking pervy for Filipinas, because apparently, that’s where all the sex gurus are at. This hot Oriental piece is Asia Agcaoili, a sex columnist and model for FHM Philippines. Sure I can’t pronounce her last name to save my life, but let me try pronouncing her name with my tongue in her cunt and let’s see if she stops to correct me.

Asia Agcaoili

Since Asia Agcaoili’s a sex guru and all that, there’s no need to say she’s great at the actual sex part. But it needs to be said! Who wouldn’t want to pound a Filipina chick who wears latex stockings and lingerie for fuck’s sake? I’d gladly take a plane to the Philippines just so Asia Agcaoili can whisper her naughty sex tips in my ear before she practices them on me, but yeah, I’d rather just click through Asia Acgaoili’s sexy lingerie pictures and imagine her beating my meat off in her kinky latex outfit. Same thing right?

Asia Agcaoili

I’d love to imagine her taking me backstage after her modeling from the catwalk, hurrying to disentangle herself from her outfit. She’ll then employ her best sex advice and get on my cock with her tight, shaved Asian cunt. And I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. Just have yourself some more naughty pictures of Asia Agcaoili and you’re ready to go.

Raquel Gibson makes sex fantasies better

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Raquel Gibson

Imagine yourself awash on an unknown island and finding Raquel Gibson’s warm and friendly smile helping you to your feet. As soon as you get up, you notice she’s still wearing that smile… and nothing else. As you take in Raquel Gibson’s utter nudity, you feel your cock stiffen, and see Raquel’s nipples perk up with growing lust. In no second you’re back on the sandy ground, with Raquel mounting your hard cock and still with the warm smile she greeted you with.

Raquel Gibson

Yeah, Raquel Gibson’s hot naked pictures struck me that hard to make me work up an entire fuck sequence involving me and her tasty Filipina pussy, and if you’re a real man, your eyes should be fucking glazing over too! Nothing can make my knees wobble more than a sexy Asian cutie like Raquel Gibson baring everything for a guy’s convenience.

Raquel Gibson

If your eyes still haven’t rolled back into their sockets from cumming at seeing her nude, you can check out the rest of pictures of Raquel Gibson’s fully shaved pussy. Happy endings guaranteed.

Elle Navarro loves driving stick

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Elle Navarro

Why are these damn Filipina chicks so gorgeous? This here’s Elle Navarro, a model who’s popular in the import car scene, and rightly so. She’s got the body that’s perfect for decorating the latest set of wheels in the industry (not to mention decorating my bed for a late-night fuck If you don’t mind me saying).

Elle Navarro

I’m totally all over Elle Navarro’s sexy ass pictures, especially because she knows she’s got the perfect ass and is showing it in her pictorials. I just wish she bared her tits more for us, whether they’re fake or not. Because believe me, I’m all for improving on what god gives a chick, especially if it means pleasing her man’s dick. But since Elle Navarro has her tight ass out ready for the spanking, I’ll keep the complaints at bay for now and enjoy this hot piece of Oriental goodness.

Elle Navarro

If you want to see what Elle Navarro does after she finishes straddling that car, (hint: she’s naked), you’d better head over to see Elle Navarro’s nude pictures.

Venus Raj is a major, major hottie

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Venus Raj

I completely agree with Venus Raj saying she didn’t have any major, major problems to deal with all her life, because how can somebody this flipping hot have anything bad trailing behind her ass? She might not have won the Miss Universe crown, but her sultry Filipina looks alone win her first place for being the most exotic, and I mean that in a kinky way.

Venus Raj

Maybe Venus Raj should turn away from becoming a role model and just go all the way using her tasty Oriental appeal and publish some naked pictures. Everybody is doing a career in porn, and since some of these so-called beauty queens already have a track record in sellling their pussies, like Hiroko Mima, Venus Raj should hop on the bandwagon and please us guys waiting to lube up to the next hot item to step naked in front of us.

Venus Raj

After all, it’s these Asian chicks who have more hardcore tastes when it comes to fucking. I have a feeling Venus Raj is still a virgin to the cock, so it’s the perfect time for her to pop the cherry and bring on the hot and scandalous photos.