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Hot Busty Asian Internet Model Misa Campo

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Hot busty Asian internet model Misa Campo

Oriental Celebs gives us some gorgeous pictures of Asian celeb and internet sensation Misa Campo which will definitely heat up our week! Apparently she’s a major thing in Asia and by looking at these sexy bikini pictures of Misa Campo, it’s not hard to understand why. This cyber celeb from the far east is just oozing with Asian sex appeal. This oriental celebrity’s tiny but super hot frame and big natural breasts are just sweet candy treats for our eyes! I like how sensuous and sultry she poses for the cams, this celebrity’s tits and ass boobies would give you an instant stiffy! Sultry online Asian celeb Misa Campo looks beautiful than most naughty Hollywood actresses, she has this slutty mix of Kim Kardashian, Natalie Portman and Nicole Scheringer going on for her. But one thing is for sure, these photographs of Misa Campo makes her just hotter than the celeb sluts I mentioned. Way hotter!

Hot busty Asian internet model Misa Campo leaked sex pics

Just look at Misa Campo’s bare boobed picture… her side breast are amazing. If this Asian actress keeps on producing hot and alluring pictures such as this week’s photo set, she’ll definitely on the fast track to Hollywood fame.

Hot busty Asian internet model Misa Campo in lingerieHot busty Asian internet model Misa Campo toplessBig boobed Asian internet model Misa Campo

You can see other photographs of Misa Campo and many other stars inside Oriental Celebs!

Cica Zhou Proud To Flaunt Her Asian Big Boobs

Monday, August 20th, 2012

cica zhou and her big side boobs

Here’s your weekly dose of Asian celebrity sexiness from Oriental Celebs! Go gaga on Chinese celeb Cica Zhou and her sensual bikini and topless pictures! Among the many lean and tiny titted Chinese models and celebs out there, Cica Zhou is pretty special. Her knockers are big and juicy and that is rare for a model from mainland China.

cica zhou topless and wearing pantyhose

If you haven’t heard of her, Cica Zhou is presently one of the hottest stars in China today and she successfully crossed over from being a sports athlete to being one of Asia’s top female pop idols that guys jerk off to. Who can resist those monster titties, long sexy legs and her sultry Asian face that looks eager and inviting! Just looking at the side boobs and bare-breasted photos of Cica Zhou is enough to make you cream your pants!

cica zhou showing off her ass

Apparently, this Asian beauty is always seen donning naughty bikinis or super skimpy clothes. Just search her name on the Internet and you’ll be treated to a lot of juicy photos of Cica Zhou and her delectable boobs. China should focus on producing more babes like Cica Zhou and stop the one child policy act. Just imagine if this Asian chick had sisters as burning hot as her! The world would truly be a better place! You can check out more of Cica Zhou and other hot Asian celebrities getting sexy and lewd inside Oriental Celebs!

Jennifer Tilly’s tits are milf-massive

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010


Who would’ve thought this hot American milf with one of the juiciest rack in Hollywood is the daughter of a Chinese used car salesman and an American schoolteacher? I guess I haven’t been looking at her face pretty closely ‘coz I have to admit Jennifer Tilly’s tits distracts me all the time.

Could you blame me? I have wished nothing except for Jennifer Tilly’s rack to grow legs and hop in the next plane to my house to get tittyfucked by my dick every time I look at those massive jugs and tiny waist that were perfectly made for easy grabbing when fucking her doggiestyle. Here’s a few shots of this voluptuous sex icon with her titillating puppies almost popping out of her dress. Your welcome.


Julia Ling’s sexy chinese cleavage is hot

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010


Now here’s another asian hottie to add to your asian spank bank. There’s too many sexy asian chicks and sometimes it’s kinda hard to tell them apart because they almost look the same but I guess wgar makes this oriental goddess stand out from most is her ravishing sex appeal. She can portray an innocent school girl in distress, get sweet and playful as Santa’s little helper and be as seductive as a slutty Scorpion Queen.


She can pull any role just as long as Julia Ling’s sexy hot body is onscreen because she makes it up by being bold in her body movements. I’m crossing my fingers to see Julia Ling naked body in the future. With a luscious body like hers, it would be a shame not to see it without the clothes on.


Sonia Couling in a bikini is all kinds of hot

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010


Looks familiar? If you watch MTV Asia back in the days, you may have seen this asian kitten hosting the top charts. Her beautiful exotic looks is a mix of both English and Thai and not only is she a pretty face, she’s got the brains too, so don’t expect her to sound like your ordinary asian hooker ‘coz she’s fluent in both languages.

I’ve seen a lot of Thai chicks, but this one is by far of my fave. Just take a look at Sonia Couling’s body oiled up and looking so damn ready for some slippery fucking. I don’t know about you but for me that tight asian frame is what I crave for in bed. I’m tired of all these bitches with fake tits. Sonia Couling is the real deal and I’m sure that since she’s mostly asian, she has a tight pussy always ready for a white hard cock.