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Hot Cleavage Picture Compilation Of Pop Celeb Nicole Scherzinger In Sexy Gowns

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Diffent candid shots of Nicole Scheringer and her cleavage

It’s not too unusual to see racy photos of Oriental Celebs‘s favorite international celeb Nicole Scherzinger showing off her big and tasty cleavage! After leaving The Pussycat Dolls, she seems to get skankier by the day, proudly flaunting her boobs and cleavage any change she gets! So by popular demand, enjoy these sexy cleavage photos of Nicole Scherzinger in different gowns and at different events where the camera caught this Asian blooded pop celebrity cam whoring her sweet boobs!

Various candid shots of Nicole Scheringer and her cleavy

Now don’t get me wrong, Nicole Scherzinger is the type of celeb that has perfected the art of looking hot in a bikini. But seeing her cleavage in those tight and sexy but still classy outfits and cocktail dress gives off a different level of celebrity sexiness. Plainly because you know for a fact that however sassy and classy Nicole Scherzinger looks on those dresses, this celebrity slut is a perfect fuck machine and a celebrity who can get down, dirty and just damn filthy when it comes to sex! Imagine banging this former Pussycat Dolls fronter and now all around celebrity cam whore! The all cleavage photo set Nicole Scherzinger will help make it easier! Enjoy!

Different shots of Nicole cleavage

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Oriental Celeb Kim Lee Don A Randy Lingerie Outfit While On A Night Stroll

Monday, August 13th, 2012

kim lee wearing lingerie while out on the streets

Oriental Celebs brings us hot photographs of Asian celeb Kim Lee as she whores out on the streets of Hollywood a couple of nights ago. If you guys haven’t heard of this sensuous Asian, Kim Lee is the half French half Vietnamese harpy in the movie Hangover II. If you haven’t watched the film or have watched it but don’t remember this Asian chick, just feast your eyes on Kim Lee’s skanky pictures and her name will definitely stick to your brain cells.

slutty kim lee wearing a whores outfit in public

The naughty snapshots of Kim Lee shows this Asian slut as she takes a night stroll while wearing a truly sexy get-up. I don’t know where she’s going or where she came from, but seeing her tight Asian body in a tight corset with matching see through pantyhose while out at night in the middle of Hollywood awe inspiring! It is an event that should have landed on the daily news. I mean what are the odds of a stunning public figure surviving a night on the sidewalks of Hollywood while in her knickers?

kim lee boobs and pantyhose public flashing spree

The 23 year old Asian nymphet provided a handful of paparazzi idling by the sidewalks several good looks of her smoking hot boobs and wonderful ass! Some say that Kim Lee’s booty is not proportional to the rest of her body. Well, check out this Asian celeb’s underwear images and see for yourself if her giant ass doesn’t fit her hot set of large boobs and shapely Asian figure. Actually, just enjoy Kim Lee’s lecherous candid pictures, who cares if she has a big butt? You can see more of her and other burning hot Asian celebs inside Oriental Celebs!

Freida Pinto’s Exotic Beauty In A Hot Red Dress

Monday, August 6th, 2012

freida pinto sexy dress

The stunning and sensuous snapshots of Freida Pinto and her nubile body while she’s in Hollywood gracing the Silver Screen Theater for the red carpet premiere of her brand new flick “Trishna” shows that this nubile Indian stunner is on the fast track on being one of Tinseltown’s seminal innocent beauties to lookout for. Playing a circa 30’s Arab princess in the yet to be released movie Black Gold, a virgin phropecy medium in the film Immortals and now as the lead star of Trishna, Freida Pinto has come a long way from being an unknown “slumdog” from Mumbai, India.

Freida Pinto and her tiny tits

The 27 year old Mumbai native looks gorgeous and regal dressed in a retro red outfit which is cut just above her knees. Freida Pinto’s sensuous photos during her red carpet appearance shows this Persian cutie’s dynamic elegance, mixing the classy vibes and trendy fashion sense of Sarah Jessica Parker with lusty appeal and tease of porn ace Sunny Leone. This chick might look all prim and proper, but Freida Pinto definitely can get dirty when it comes to sex!

Freida Pinto has a mouth perfect for a bj

Just check out that sweet and yet naughty looking smile on the tantalizing photos of Freida Pinto! She’s certainly a tease and that sense of virginal propriety is just a façade. I’m not saying that she’s a whore, but this babe does hail from India, the birthplace of Kama Sutra right? Think about it! Enjoy the pictures of Freida Pinto in her delish red dress for now.

Gabrielle Union’s sexy strip tease

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

If it’s all about teasing for you, look no further. Gabrielle Union is in the mood being a bit of a cocktease today, in the way of this little lingeried lap dance she provides for us. I’ve always loved seeing Gabrielle Union exploit her body like this, especially when she decks it out in red raunchy lingerie you’d just want to tear apart with your teeth while your hands work their way from her tits down to her crotch and into her fine, ebony vagina .

But I need me some pre-action action going, so I’ll just let Gabrielle Union grind her way to the peen in my pants. Watch Gabrielle Union perform a little lap dance in her lingerie before you dive into all the business of sticking your dick in her willing cunt. And when you finally savor that moment she gyrates on top of you while you massage her yummy little tits, look back at all the teasing she’s done for you for that added sense of accomplishment.

We all want chicks as wild as Gabrielle Union screaming profanities with our dick s spurting cum inside their vaginas, so head on over to this wild strip video of Gabrielle Union to feed your fantasies some more.

Lucy Liu is naked in all the right places

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Lucy Liu

I always have had a thing for innocent looking babes stripping naked with a half-lit cigarette dangling between their soft luscious lips. Take Lucy Liu, for example.

Lucy Liu

In this immaculate photoshoot , Ms. Liu wasn’t your usual crime-fighting kick-ass rebel. She was the ultimate sultry seductress, baring her tits out in the open and giving that just-fucked pout face in all the right places. Oh yes, I’ll be fucking your mind off, you hot Asian babe. Who wouldn’t want to slide a finger in between those milky legs and have you squirt such glorious cum? Don’t worry honey, I’ll be licking that all off, before giving you another round of ecstasy.

Lucy Liu

And don’t forget my hard-on. It’s been budging ever so hard from seeing these raunchy naked pictures of you. Don’t fret my dear Lucy, Lucy, Lucy, you wouldn’t need to take a breather from that cig while I let you scream in pleasure.

Bai Ling is the certified Queen of Nip Slips

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Bai Ling

Bai Ling is probably the Queen of Nipslips. We’ve all seen her nipples so many times it’s weird to picture her without that little friend of her poking from whatever dress or top she’s wearing.

Bai Ling

Nonetheless, her nipples always look as tasty as ever, making you just want to pop all them pokies in your mouth at one time or another. And I really don’t mind glancing her tits out in the open as well. Those perfectly round pair of perky chesticles are enough to give me a hard on. I’d love to rub my cock onto her entire naked body, please. Thankfully for us pervs, Bai Ling is a willing slut, grabbing every opportunity to pop her hooters out.

Bai Ling

Just look at these naughty naked pictures of Bai Ling, being the attention ho that she is, she probably wouldn’t say no to another round of stripping for the cameras.