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Hot Busty Asian Internet Model Misa Campo

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Hot busty Asian internet model Misa Campo

Oriental Celebs gives us some gorgeous pictures of Asian celeb and internet sensation Misa Campo which will definitely heat up our week! Apparently she’s a major thing in Asia and by looking at these sexy bikini pictures of Misa Campo, it’s not hard to understand why. This cyber celeb from the far east is just oozing with Asian sex appeal. This oriental celebrity’s tiny but super hot frame and big natural breasts are just sweet candy treats for our eyes! I like how sensuous and sultry she poses for the cams, this celebrity’s tits and ass boobies would give you an instant stiffy! Sultry online Asian celeb Misa Campo looks beautiful than most naughty Hollywood actresses, she has this slutty mix of Kim Kardashian, Natalie Portman and Nicole Scheringer going on for her. But one thing is for sure, these photographs of Misa Campo makes her just hotter than the celeb sluts I mentioned. Way hotter!

Hot busty Asian internet model Misa Campo leaked sex pics

Just look at Misa Campo’s bare boobed picture… her side breast are amazing. If this Asian actress keeps on producing hot and alluring pictures such as this week’s photo set, she’ll definitely on the fast track to Hollywood fame.

Hot busty Asian internet model Misa Campo in lingerieHot busty Asian internet model Misa Campo toplessBig boobed Asian internet model Misa Campo

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Cica Zhou Proud To Flaunt Her Asian Big Boobs

Monday, August 20th, 2012

cica zhou and her big side boobs

Here’s your weekly dose of Asian celebrity sexiness from Oriental Celebs! Go gaga on Chinese celeb Cica Zhou and her sensual bikini and topless pictures! Among the many lean and tiny titted Chinese models and celebs out there, Cica Zhou is pretty special. Her knockers are big and juicy and that is rare for a model from mainland China.

cica zhou topless and wearing pantyhose

If you haven’t heard of her, Cica Zhou is presently one of the hottest stars in China today and she successfully crossed over from being a sports athlete to being one of Asia’s top female pop idols that guys jerk off to. Who can resist those monster titties, long sexy legs and her sultry Asian face that looks eager and inviting! Just looking at the side boobs and bare-breasted photos of Cica Zhou is enough to make you cream your pants!

cica zhou showing off her ass

Apparently, this Asian beauty is always seen donning naughty bikinis or super skimpy clothes. Just search her name on the Internet and you’ll be treated to a lot of juicy photos of Cica Zhou and her delectable boobs. China should focus on producing more babes like Cica Zhou and stop the one child policy act. Just imagine if this Asian chick had sisters as burning hot as her! The world would truly be a better place! You can check out more of Cica Zhou and other hot Asian celebrities getting sexy and lewd inside Oriental Celebs!

Oriental Celeb Kim Lee Don A Randy Lingerie Outfit While On A Night Stroll

Monday, August 13th, 2012

kim lee wearing lingerie while out on the streets

Oriental Celebs brings us hot photographs of Asian celeb Kim Lee as she whores out on the streets of Hollywood a couple of nights ago. If you guys haven’t heard of this sensuous Asian, Kim Lee is the half French half Vietnamese harpy in the movie Hangover II. If you haven’t watched the film or have watched it but don’t remember this Asian chick, just feast your eyes on Kim Lee’s skanky pictures and her name will definitely stick to your brain cells.

slutty kim lee wearing a whores outfit in public

The naughty snapshots of Kim Lee shows this Asian slut as she takes a night stroll while wearing a truly sexy get-up. I don’t know where she’s going or where she came from, but seeing her tight Asian body in a tight corset with matching see through pantyhose while out at night in the middle of Hollywood awe inspiring! It is an event that should have landed on the daily news. I mean what are the odds of a stunning public figure surviving a night on the sidewalks of Hollywood while in her knickers?

kim lee boobs and pantyhose public flashing spree

The 23 year old Asian nymphet provided a handful of paparazzi idling by the sidewalks several good looks of her smoking hot boobs and wonderful ass! Some say that Kim Lee’s booty is not proportional to the rest of her body. Well, check out this Asian celeb’s underwear images and see for yourself if her giant ass doesn’t fit her hot set of large boobs and shapely Asian figure. Actually, just enjoy Kim Lee’s lecherous candid pictures, who cares if she has a big butt? You can see more of her and other burning hot Asian celebs inside Oriental Celebs!

Yoko Kumada’s tits begging to be unwrapped

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Yoko Kumada

Christmas is a mere month away and there’s nothing more I’d like under my Christmas tree but a sexy Japanese girl laced in red ribbon, all ready for me to unwrap. Lucky for me, Yoko Kumada is one very willing slut.

Yoko Kumada

This singer-model made me wet in my pants with these kinky cleavage pictures of her. I’d want to just snap that red ribbon off and slide my hard dick through that big pair of tits. You know she’d love to get tittyfucked everytime, with the way she just rubs her tits together. And don’t let me get started on that cute butt. She doesn’t have a large ass, yes, but I’d love to grant her wish of an anal sex sometime.

Yoko Kumada

Sigh. It’s too hard to try and be a nice boy this Christmas for Santa to grant me my wish. Regardless, these naughty stripping pictures of Yoko Kumada will suffice for now.

Maureen Chen’s titties out for a shoot

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Maureen Chen

For all you auto fanatics out there, I’m pretty sure you’ve long since raved on this Asian beauty grazing the covers of Hot Import Night, Import Tuner, DSport and Super Street, to name a few. This Chinese model, born and raised in Taiwan, has the most bountiful pair of bazongas I have ever seen. I mean, just look at those titties peering out of her tightfit lace bra.

Maureen Chen

And if that image isn’t enough to make you swoon, here’s another one, where she embraces those twins even tighter, making for an achingly good cleavage you’d just want to slide your big dicks into. Oh, how I would like to get a piece of those yummy chesticles. No wonder she’s transferred to L.A., she’d rather fuck the Americans and their aching dicks than those she’ve already moaned and sidled into in her hometown – need proof? Just look at these pictures of her writhing in pleasure.

Maureen Chen

Now definitely this busty Asian model has had some experience with them Caucasian pervs. And well if not, don’t worry Maureen, there are a billion more vying to get a fuck out of you. Count me in, too, just let me get done whacking off on these boob-grabbing bikini-clad pictures of you.

Hitomi Aizawa is busty and wet

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Hitomi Aizawa

Hot Japanese chicks with big boobs? I’m in! If that’s your kind of thing too, check out these sexy pictures of busty Hitomi Aizawa having a wet time in the bathtub. To anybody wanting to know a bit more, she’s a popular race queen in Japan, known for modeling in car shows and for appearing in sexy photoshoots like this. The auto industry in Japan has since cut down on having hot, busty models like Hitomi Aizawa from decorating their shows, and with good reason: people were aiming their gazes and camera clicks at these chicks’ tits and not at the cars! Talk about stealing the show.

Hitomi Aizawa

But I wouldn’t blame our male patrons over at Japan. I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off Hitomi Aizawa if she paraded her tits during an event, let alone in my own bathtub! She’ll have to keep the water running if she wants to drown out the high-pitched sex noises she’ll be doing once I start fucking those tits of her right in the tub. And knowing these Japanese hotties, they’ll moan and scream in pleasure while getting their pussies penetrated even in the middle of the night!

Hitomi Aizawa

So here you go, lingerie pictures of Hitomi Aizawa chilling in the tub. I’d say hop in with her, but her meaty tits are going to make it a bit of a tight fit in there.

Get your sex tips from Asia Agcaoili

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Asia Agcaoili

Well color me fucking pervy for Filipinas, because apparently, that’s where all the sex gurus are at. This hot Oriental piece is Asia Agcaoili, a sex columnist and model for FHM Philippines. Sure I can’t pronounce her last name to save my life, but let me try pronouncing her name with my tongue in her cunt and let’s see if she stops to correct me.

Asia Agcaoili

Since Asia Agcaoili’s a sex guru and all that, there’s no need to say she’s great at the actual sex part. But it needs to be said! Who wouldn’t want to pound a Filipina chick who wears latex stockings and lingerie for fuck’s sake? I’d gladly take a plane to the Philippines just so Asia Agcaoili can whisper her naughty sex tips in my ear before she practices them on me, but yeah, I’d rather just click through Asia Acgaoili’s sexy lingerie pictures and imagine her beating my meat off in her kinky latex outfit. Same thing right?

Asia Agcaoili

I’d love to imagine her taking me backstage after her modeling from the catwalk, hurrying to disentangle herself from her outfit. She’ll then employ her best sex advice and get on my cock with her tight, shaved Asian cunt. And I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. Just have yourself some more naughty pictures of Asia Agcaoili and you’re ready to go.

Vanessa Hudgens, camwhoring flasher

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Vanessa Hudgens in a bikini

Half-American, half-Filipino Vanessa Hudgens is one of the few Asian actresses who made it really big in Hollywood, but then again, her international fame can’t be attributed only to her talent but to the controversies she has engaged herself in as well. Yeah, she gained millions in terms of fans and in paycheck because of her stint in Disney’s High School Musical, but it was her leaked nude pics scandal was what brought her to the wild and wet fantasies of men (which, in turn, gained her more fans).

Vanessa Hudgens nude

Vanessa first got into the nude pics scandal in 2007 when pictures of her in a lingerie and completely nude was leaked onto the internet. It was reported that these pics were emailed to her boyfriend Zac Efron. But then again, after a few years, Vanessa got it going again when a new set of nude photos surfaced the net last year. This time, Vanessa bared her hot nude body through self-pics, with her seductress-face on.

Vanessa Hudgens nude

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