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Aki Kawamura And Her Monster Cleavage

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Aki Kawamura And Her Monster Cleavage

For this week’s dose of spicy and sensual Asian celebrity hotness, enjoy the monster cleavage of Japanese celeb Aki Kawamura on this booby photo set. The 32 year old Japanese bikini model and Jap TV idol celebrated her birthday last October 15, but she still looks like a hot Asian school girl, a hot Asian girl with massive round tits.

Aki Kawamura flashing her delicious Asian tits

The Oriental Celebssexy photos of Aki Kawamura just prove that Asian celebs are the bomb! They all look like nubile Asian schoolgirls. It’s not hard to fall in love with this Asian model, who used her monster tits to grab the Japanese media limelight.

Aki Kawamura naughty pics while in a tiny bikini

From the looks of Oriental CelebsAsian celeb Aki Kawamura’s sexy photos, this babe is one raunchy slut. Aside from being mainstream model, the booby Asian star is also a big thing in the Tokyo JAV circuit. For those of you who don’t know, JAV is what they call softcore and hardcore porn models in Japan. Do you wnat to see this hot Asian model get raunchy on some JAV clips? Well, head on over at Oriental Celebs to see more of her and tons of other hot Asian celebs!

Bai Ling in a slutty outfit on the red carpet

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

bai ling sluts it out at some event

Oriental Celebs brings you these red carpet event photo opportunity stills of Bai Ling. The Chengdu, China local may probably be the oldest living and walking Oriental model… but this oriental nymph is still oozing with sensuous allure! Just avoid that face, these photographs of Bai Ling isn’t exactly the hottest facial profile snap of the international Asian celeb. I can’t imagine not seeing this slender Asian personality whoring out at least once a week. She’s been doing that since she started in the early 80s. Yes, the Asian star has been doing movies as early as 1984. Do that math, she’s that old. But she’s still one heck of a sultry celeb!

Asian Bai Ling is a celebrity whore

Bai Ling may be older than heck but she’s still superb as hell! The wall print at the backdrop completely fits Bai Ling as she pose like the celebrity slut that she is. Wow Creations. That skinny body is truly a sight to wow on. As much as I want to see Bai Ling in sensual images with bits and parts of her petite body exposed for us to gawk at. I really don’t like what she’s wearing. I like seeing this Asian model in black. This Asian celeb looks more appealing in black. Sluttier even. Too bad there wasn’t even one minor nipple poke or slip incident in these candid pictures of Bai Ling. Her constant tit and nipple flashing made her at one point my favorite Hollywood celebs to gawk and perv on. But looking at these skinny tummy and cute belly button of Bai Ling, I think I’d move her up a couple of notches higher on my list again.

Bai Ling Is A Mature Hollywood Whore

For more sensual Asian celebrity photos and clips just like Bai Ling’s, head on over at Oriental Celebs!

Nicole Scherzinger Gives London A Peak Of Her Hot Cleavy

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Nicole Scherzinger boobs in public

A babe deserves to be called one hot and classy star if she can look fresh and absolutely stunning even after a pretty long Trans Atlantic flight. Which is what the lovely pop star Nicole Scherzinger did the other day! Just check out this sweet piece of ass on this paparazzi candids! The sexy pictures of Nicole Scherzinger arriving at Heathrow International will make you got nuts. This international celeb made that long flight look like a trip to the local salon because she looks absolutely classy! Her low cut tan top exposed that tight body and her cleavage is just magnetic!

Nicole Scherzinger  happy to flash her tits

You can see Nicole Scherzinger’s pink bra peeking out, if this celebrity noticed it, she looked like she didn’t care. Her grin even suggests she loves the attention. It is also worthy to mention that Nicole Scherzinger’s cleavage looks a bit more delicious than it normally is. I don’t know why, there’s something different on this celeb’s jugs.

Nicole Scherzinger boobs and camel toe pics

Well whatever it is, Nicole Scherzinger’s attention grabbing cleavage completes the spicy allure of her outfit! Her skinny denim jeans, trademark aviators and that shiny booby crack is enough to give us inspiration to go make a mess under our shorts. She’s in London to work, this songstress will be a regular on Britain’s X Factor reality game show. So that’s good news for you blokes in the UK, there’s more chance of seeing Nicole Scherzinger’s sexiness! For beautiful celebrity babes with oriental blood, head over to Oriental Celebs and see how raunchy Asian celebs can get!

Cica Zhou Proud To Flaunt Her Asian Big Boobs

Monday, August 20th, 2012

cica zhou and her big side boobs

Here’s your weekly dose of Asian celebrity sexiness from Oriental Celebs! Go gaga on Chinese celeb Cica Zhou and her sensual bikini and topless pictures! Among the many lean and tiny titted Chinese models and celebs out there, Cica Zhou is pretty special. Her knockers are big and juicy and that is rare for a model from mainland China.

cica zhou topless and wearing pantyhose

If you haven’t heard of her, Cica Zhou is presently one of the hottest stars in China today and she successfully crossed over from being a sports athlete to being one of Asia’s top female pop idols that guys jerk off to. Who can resist those monster titties, long sexy legs and her sultry Asian face that looks eager and inviting! Just looking at the side boobs and bare-breasted photos of Cica Zhou is enough to make you cream your pants!

cica zhou showing off her ass

Apparently, this Asian beauty is always seen donning naughty bikinis or super skimpy clothes. Just search her name on the Internet and you’ll be treated to a lot of juicy photos of Cica Zhou and her delectable boobs. China should focus on producing more babes like Cica Zhou and stop the one child policy act. Just imagine if this Asian chick had sisters as burning hot as her! The world would truly be a better place! You can check out more of Cica Zhou and other hot Asian celebrities getting sexy and lewd inside Oriental Celebs!

Oriental Celeb Kim Lee Don A Randy Lingerie Outfit While On A Night Stroll

Monday, August 13th, 2012

kim lee wearing lingerie while out on the streets

Oriental Celebs brings us hot photographs of Asian celeb Kim Lee as she whores out on the streets of Hollywood a couple of nights ago. If you guys haven’t heard of this sensuous Asian, Kim Lee is the half French half Vietnamese harpy in the movie Hangover II. If you haven’t watched the film or have watched it but don’t remember this Asian chick, just feast your eyes on Kim Lee’s skanky pictures and her name will definitely stick to your brain cells.

slutty kim lee wearing a whores outfit in public

The naughty snapshots of Kim Lee shows this Asian slut as she takes a night stroll while wearing a truly sexy get-up. I don’t know where she’s going or where she came from, but seeing her tight Asian body in a tight corset with matching see through pantyhose while out at night in the middle of Hollywood awe inspiring! It is an event that should have landed on the daily news. I mean what are the odds of a stunning public figure surviving a night on the sidewalks of Hollywood while in her knickers?

kim lee boobs and pantyhose public flashing spree

The 23 year old Asian nymphet provided a handful of paparazzi idling by the sidewalks several good looks of her smoking hot boobs and wonderful ass! Some say that Kim Lee’s booty is not proportional to the rest of her body. Well, check out this Asian celeb’s underwear images and see for yourself if her giant ass doesn’t fit her hot set of large boobs and shapely Asian figure. Actually, just enjoy Kim Lee’s lecherous candid pictures, who cares if she has a big butt? You can see more of her and other burning hot Asian celebs inside Oriental Celebs!

Reon Kadena is an Asian cowgirl asking for a fuck

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Reon Kadena

Reon Kadena might have gone into a more conservative look with her string bikinis and roleplay costumes in contrast to her revealing nude photoshoots when she was younger, nonetheless, she still looks every bit the slutty Asian cunt that she is.

Reon Kadena

Who doesn’t want a hot Japanese girl in a cowboy outfit spreading her legs so wide apart you’re sure to see her shaved pussy if you looked just a bit longer? With these sexy taunting pictures of Reon, you’d want nothing more but for her to finally start stripping those clothes off so you can go ahead and slide your big hard dick into her tight pussy. You’d also want to grab those huge 35C jugs and suck her nipples till she begs you to fuck her wet cunt harder and harder.

Reon Kadena

And I’m pretty sure, her cunt’s not the only thing she wants for you to slide your dick into. With these ass flashing pictures of her, you know she wants your cock in that other tight hole too. Just be careful, she might not want to let go of you anytime soon.

Yoko Kumada’s tits begging to be unwrapped

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Yoko Kumada

Christmas is a mere month away and there’s nothing more I’d like under my Christmas tree but a sexy Japanese girl laced in red ribbon, all ready for me to unwrap. Lucky for me, Yoko Kumada is one very willing slut.

Yoko Kumada

This singer-model made me wet in my pants with these kinky cleavage pictures of her. I’d want to just snap that red ribbon off and slide my hard dick through that big pair of tits. You know she’d love to get tittyfucked everytime, with the way she just rubs her tits together. And don’t let me get started on that cute butt. She doesn’t have a large ass, yes, but I’d love to grant her wish of an anal sex sometime.

Yoko Kumada

Sigh. It’s too hard to try and be a nice boy this Christmas for Santa to grant me my wish. Regardless, these naughty stripping pictures of Yoko Kumada will suffice for now.

Get your sex tips from Asia Agcaoili

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Asia Agcaoili

Well color me fucking pervy for Filipinas, because apparently, that’s where all the sex gurus are at. This hot Oriental piece is Asia Agcaoili, a sex columnist and model for FHM Philippines. Sure I can’t pronounce her last name to save my life, but let me try pronouncing her name with my tongue in her cunt and let’s see if she stops to correct me.

Asia Agcaoili

Since Asia Agcaoili’s a sex guru and all that, there’s no need to say she’s great at the actual sex part. But it needs to be said! Who wouldn’t want to pound a Filipina chick who wears latex stockings and lingerie for fuck’s sake? I’d gladly take a plane to the Philippines just so Asia Agcaoili can whisper her naughty sex tips in my ear before she practices them on me, but yeah, I’d rather just click through Asia Acgaoili’s sexy lingerie pictures and imagine her beating my meat off in her kinky latex outfit. Same thing right?

Asia Agcaoili

I’d love to imagine her taking me backstage after her modeling from the catwalk, hurrying to disentangle herself from her outfit. She’ll then employ her best sex advice and get on my cock with her tight, shaved Asian cunt. And I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. Just have yourself some more naughty pictures of Asia Agcaoili and you’re ready to go.

Raquel Gibson makes sex fantasies better

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Raquel Gibson

Imagine yourself awash on an unknown island and finding Raquel Gibson’s warm and friendly smile helping you to your feet. As soon as you get up, you notice she’s still wearing that smile… and nothing else. As you take in Raquel Gibson’s utter nudity, you feel your cock stiffen, and see Raquel’s nipples perk up with growing lust. In no second you’re back on the sandy ground, with Raquel mounting your hard cock and still with the warm smile she greeted you with.

Raquel Gibson

Yeah, Raquel Gibson’s hot naked pictures struck me that hard to make me work up an entire fuck sequence involving me and her tasty Filipina pussy, and if you’re a real man, your eyes should be fucking glazing over too! Nothing can make my knees wobble more than a sexy Asian cutie like Raquel Gibson baring everything for a guy’s convenience.

Raquel Gibson

If your eyes still haven’t rolled back into their sockets from cumming at seeing her nude, you can check out the rest of pictures of Raquel Gibson’s fully shaved pussy. Happy endings guaranteed.

Elle Navarro loves driving stick

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Elle Navarro

Why are these damn Filipina chicks so gorgeous? This here’s Elle Navarro, a model who’s popular in the import car scene, and rightly so. She’s got the body that’s perfect for decorating the latest set of wheels in the industry (not to mention decorating my bed for a late-night fuck If you don’t mind me saying).

Elle Navarro

I’m totally all over Elle Navarro’s sexy ass pictures, especially because she knows she’s got the perfect ass and is showing it in her pictorials. I just wish she bared her tits more for us, whether they’re fake or not. Because believe me, I’m all for improving on what god gives a chick, especially if it means pleasing her man’s dick. But since Elle Navarro has her tight ass out ready for the spanking, I’ll keep the complaints at bay for now and enjoy this hot piece of Oriental goodness.

Elle Navarro

If you want to see what Elle Navarro does after she finishes straddling that car, (hint: she’s naked), you’d better head over to see Elle Navarro’s nude pictures.