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Nicole Scherzinger Gives London A Peak Of Her Hot Cleavy

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Nicole Scherzinger boobs in public

A babe deserves to be called one hot and classy star if she can look fresh and absolutely stunning even after a pretty long Trans Atlantic flight. Which is what the lovely pop star Nicole Scherzinger did the other day! Just check out this sweet piece of ass on this paparazzi candids! The sexy pictures of Nicole Scherzinger arriving at Heathrow International will make you got nuts. This international celeb made that long flight look like a trip to the local salon because she looks absolutely classy! Her low cut tan top exposed that tight body and her cleavage is just magnetic!

Nicole Scherzinger  happy to flash her tits

You can see Nicole Scherzinger’s pink bra peeking out, if this celebrity noticed it, she looked like she didn’t care. Her grin even suggests she loves the attention. It is also worthy to mention that Nicole Scherzinger’s cleavage looks a bit more delicious than it normally is. I don’t know why, there’s something different on this celeb’s jugs.

Nicole Scherzinger boobs and camel toe pics

Well whatever it is, Nicole Scherzinger’s attention grabbing cleavage completes the spicy allure of her outfit! Her skinny denim jeans, trademark aviators and that shiny booby crack is enough to give us inspiration to go make a mess under our shorts. She’s in London to work, this songstress will be a regular on Britain’s X Factor reality game show. So that’s good news for you blokes in the UK, there’s more chance of seeing Nicole Scherzinger’s sexiness! For beautiful celebrity babes with oriental blood, head over to Oriental Celebs and see how raunchy Asian celebs can get!

Gabrielle Union’s sexy strip tease

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

If it’s all about teasing for you, look no further. Gabrielle Union is in the mood being a bit of a cocktease today, in the way of this little lingeried lap dance she provides for us. I’ve always loved seeing Gabrielle Union exploit her body like this, especially when she decks it out in red raunchy lingerie you’d just want to tear apart with your teeth while your hands work their way from her tits down to her crotch and into her fine, ebony vagina .

But I need me some pre-action action going, so I’ll just let Gabrielle Union grind her way to the peen in my pants. Watch Gabrielle Union perform a little lap dance in her lingerie before you dive into all the business of sticking your dick in her willing cunt. And when you finally savor that moment she gyrates on top of you while you massage her yummy little tits, look back at all the teasing she’s done for you for that added sense of accomplishment.

We all want chicks as wild as Gabrielle Union screaming profanities with our dick s spurting cum inside their vaginas, so head on over to this wild strip video of Gabrielle Union to feed your fantasies some more.

Lucy Liu is naked in all the right places

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Lucy Liu

I always have had a thing for innocent looking babes stripping naked with a half-lit cigarette dangling between their soft luscious lips. Take Lucy Liu, for example.

Lucy Liu

In this immaculate photoshoot , Ms. Liu wasn’t your usual crime-fighting kick-ass rebel. She was the ultimate sultry seductress, baring her tits out in the open and giving that just-fucked pout face in all the right places. Oh yes, I’ll be fucking your mind off, you hot Asian babe. Who wouldn’t want to slide a finger in between those milky legs and have you squirt such glorious cum? Don’t worry honey, I’ll be licking that all off, before giving you another round of ecstasy.

Lucy Liu

And don’t forget my hard-on. It’s been budging ever so hard from seeing these raunchy naked pictures of you. Don’t fret my dear Lucy, Lucy, Lucy, you wouldn’t need to take a breather from that cig while I let you scream in pleasure.

Hitomi Aizawa is busty and wet

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Hitomi Aizawa

Hot Japanese chicks with big boobs? I’m in! If that’s your kind of thing too, check out these sexy pictures of busty Hitomi Aizawa having a wet time in the bathtub. To anybody wanting to know a bit more, she’s a popular race queen in Japan, known for modeling in car shows and for appearing in sexy photoshoots like this. The auto industry in Japan has since cut down on having hot, busty models like Hitomi Aizawa from decorating their shows, and with good reason: people were aiming their gazes and camera clicks at these chicks’ tits and not at the cars! Talk about stealing the show.

Hitomi Aizawa

But I wouldn’t blame our male patrons over at Japan. I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off Hitomi Aizawa if she paraded her tits during an event, let alone in my own bathtub! She’ll have to keep the water running if she wants to drown out the high-pitched sex noises she’ll be doing once I start fucking those tits of her right in the tub. And knowing these Japanese hotties, they’ll moan and scream in pleasure while getting their pussies penetrated even in the middle of the night!

Hitomi Aizawa

So here you go, lingerie pictures of Hitomi Aizawa chilling in the tub. I’d say hop in with her, but her meaty tits are going to make it a bit of a tight fit in there.

Natassia Malthe naked half-Filipino hottie

Monday, July 26th, 2010


I can never get enough of these asian chicks. They’re mostly stunning and have soft but limber bodies perfect for doing the kama sutra and they have tight as hell pussies that can still take a big hard cock. Another reason? Natassia Malthe naked.


Seeing this asian sex goddess in with no clothes on reminds me of why I’m so fuckin’ into asians more than any other race. The black hair, insanely sexy oriental eyes, the golden brown complexion and the ridiculously hot sex appeal. And that’s just part of the package. You know what they say about asian chicks, they fuck like exotic animals in the sack and judging by how Natassia Malthe moves her body in these pics, you know it’s not just a myth.


Jennifer Tilly’s tits are milf-massive

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010


Who would’ve thought this hot American milf with one of the juiciest rack in Hollywood is the daughter of a Chinese used car salesman and an American schoolteacher? I guess I haven’t been looking at her face pretty closely ‘coz I have to admit Jennifer Tilly’s tits distracts me all the time.

Could you blame me? I have wished nothing except for Jennifer Tilly’s rack to grow legs and hop in the next plane to my house to get tittyfucked by my dick every time I look at those massive jugs and tiny waist that were perfectly made for easy grabbing when fucking her doggiestyle. Here’s a few shots of this voluptuous sex icon with her titillating puppies almost popping out of her dress. Your welcome.


Rhona Mitra’s tits are vampire-diculous

Monday, June 28th, 2010


Who else can play a deliciously seductive kickass vampire other than this extremely sexy English actress? Rhona Mitra’s naked body has been in the game for a long time so it’s no surprise that she was casted in the most recent Underworld movie.


Rhona Mitra has bared her sweet juicy tits in naked scenes in movies like The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous and also in Hollowman. Her bold personality along with her stacked naked body was the reason she was voted a place in Maxim’s hottest women in 2001.


Lindsay Price naked shots are smokin’ hot

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010


If you’re wondering who this stunning oriental beauty is, wonder no more. Lindsay Price is the half Korean, half German vixen who stars in soap operas like The Bold and the Beautiful, Beverly Hills 90210 and the well-known daytime soap All My Children. Not a bad actress, this asian kitten.


But the way I want to spend my daytime is by looking at Lindsay Price naked body on the bed, spreading her pink asian pussy lips as I bury my face in there. I bet she screams like a horny asian slut being fucked by a white dude’s thick cock. Though she looks pretty feisty in the eyes, the kind of chick who will want orgasm after orgasm even after you’ve already shoot your fifth load for the day all over her sexy face.


Sharon Leal naked shots

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010


Put any race together with a Filipina’s genes and the result is oriental hotness. Sharon Leal is an American actress whose dad is a black American and mom is a Filipina. Personally, I think her looks is all asian but Sharon Leal’s ass and tits is definitely a black woman’s.

Imagine that silky dark brown skin on your bed and her alluring black exotic eyes looking up at you begging for you to fuck her brains out. Would you rip Sharon Leal’s tight asian pussy in all positions possible? By the time you’ve answered the question, you probably squirted your cum all over the screen.


Kim Kardashian naked pics in Playboy

Monday, May 31st, 2010


There’s no denying that Kim Kardashian is well-known for her ginormous ass. The same ass that Reggie Bush anal fucked and peed on, which makes a lot of sense since  Kim Kardashian’s ass was made to take big black cocks in any position in the Kama Sutra. But what’s really sexy about this smokin’ hot bombshell aside from her signature ass?


Maybe these Kim Kardashian naked Playboy pics would help bring us some answers. Seen here is the Armenian goddess exposing her big round breasts, insanely hot curves and massive ass while posing  so seductively infront of the camera. I’m sure the photographer who took these hot as hell naked pics of Kim had a hard-time trying to make sure his hard dick doesn’t pop out of his pants. I know I would.