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Brenda Song naked hardcore pics

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010


One thing that sucks about being a Disney talent is that the kiddie image gets stuck with you even when you’re damn twenty. Sometimes the goody two shoes reputation sticks to them that it drives them crazy. A few examples are Miley Cyrus and need I say more…Britney Spears? This asian sweetheart just jumped in the Disney good girls gone bad bandwagon and did it to the extreme. Feast your eyes on Brenda Song naked body as she shows you her real image she wants you to see.


These very graphic pics of Brenda shows her bushy pussy while she spreads open her legs and stares at the camera as if begging you to slip your cock all the way inside it. In one of the photos, she’s dressed in a hot school girl outfit while lying on the floor exposing her creamy cunt. If only all Disney chicks think like this asian sex kitten, then there’s no need for me to wish upon a star for hardcore pics of the young stars to show up soon.


Hyori Lee sexy pics

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Hyori Lee sexy pics

Here’s Korean actress and singer Hyori Lee for our viewing pleasure. Aside from her talent in singing, Hyori Lee is well-known for her Asian beauty and hotness. Actually, her singing career comes second when it comes down to factors why Hyori Lee is internationally famous.

Hyori Lee sexy pics

She’s the highest-paid singer in Korea, so no wonder she gets more endorsement deals than her female Korean contemporaries. Of course, one of the reasons why companies love Hyori Lee to promote their product is because of her simple, yet extremely hot look. She seldom bares her flesh and is always a teaser, but people don’t seem to mind not seeing her nude because she is hot even when fully-clothed.

Hyori Lee sexy pics

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